About Me

My name is Hannah-My blog signature is Hannah-The Moon

I’m just a someone who likes to write, but doesn’t really have the skill in writing. However, still, I love to try, because I believe one day, I could have my own book published. It’s just a matter of time(maybe when I’m 40 something)

I don’t plan to write. I write whatever comes to my mind. That’s why I always go off topic. I write something, then suddenly my light bulb pops up about something then I totally go off topic :/, but I’m sure they’re all related. Just like someone used to say(maybe God), “we’re all brothers and sisters”, so I think all of my topic writings are related 😀

I’m a Dreamer,

I love looking at the moon when it starts to appear every month around the 10 until it gets full. The moon looks so beautiful when it’s full. Sometime I wish I could fly, then I would fly to the moon and live there.

I remember, there was one time, I went to Vietnam for vacation, I didn’t know that on the airplane we could see the stars parallel to us. I seriously couldn’t believe in my eyes, but I saw it. The stars looked like small lamplight that were held up or, the  city light at night I used to see. For a moment, I thought that the sky was just like a city on the sky because there were lots of stars at that time, and they got together by groups. It was beautifully blinking in front of my eyes. I wondered how the stars could stay like that without falling down. I wish I could catch a star, I wouldn’t make a wish, but just put it in a box, sometimes I could see its brightness. It would make my day brighter. And for another moment, I wish I could see how big the moon was when I was on the sky.

I feel like I’m living in dream. I wish I could wake up then the dream would be over. I don’t like it now. It’s bad dream and complicated. I want to run away from this dream-reality. I always tell myself to just enjoy this life until I die.


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