My Amateur Poem

Love You Not

Tell me how to love someone truly

As my desire cannot stop for one

Tell me how to keep someone only

As my hands are too cold to hold

Tell me how to speak nicely

As I cannot keep my obstinacy

Love, I dream

But I cannot keep

For so long…

If you love me tell me you love me

If you like me, don’t tell me

If you hate me,

I don’t find any reason for you to hate me

August Moon

I’m like an August Moon

Soon will faded away when September comes

But the cycle of the Moon

Is back when the new year begins

As a renewal

I am shining again

Just like my life

Goes up and down

As long as the Moon lives

As long as I live

P.s & re-visit feb 16-2013

I have to admit that when the person is alone, he/she can write such an emotional romantic full of sadness in his/her writing.

Yet for me, I still could add a little joke there. I am so glad to be back on track with my writing :). I will keep it going until I lose my memory. You know, everyone deserves a second chance. Second chance is the best because the person finally realize what is important. And I deserves a second chance too 🙂

Looking back to see how a have desert my writing. But now, not anymore 🙂

With Love

Hannah-The Moon


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